Gaining Maximum Exposure

There’s more to marketing your business on the internet than just populating your website with links and dumping money into pay-per-click advertisements.  More often than not, the primary reason people get frustrated with internet marketing is because they are using ineffective campaigns that ultimately cost them a lot of money and produce no results!

There are plenty of ways that you can maximize your exposure on the internet, without having to pay an arm and a leg.  And lucky for you, we’re here to help!

Don’t Be Conned into Overpriced Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO), while powerful, is also one of the biggest areas where business owners get conned into spending incredible amounts of money and see virtually no change in results.  Or, when they do, the results disappear the second the payments stop being made.

True SEO is something you can do yourself, for virtually no cost at all, and is something that won’t just suddenly stop producing results for no reason.  Three easy steps you can take to improve your SEO include:

  • Populate new content regularly.  Search engines love new, relevant content.  So the more you become a contributor to that new, relevant content, the more search engines will love you.  I typically encourage my clients to get on a schedule to produce new contact.  Be it  once a day, once a week, or once a month – the more you put out good content, the more you help yourself improve.  But don’t just put out nonsense!  Make sure the content you put out is relevant to the services or products you own.  Teach your visitors something, if you can!
  • Reduce the clutter.  Just like people, search engines get frustrated when they visit your page and find that there’s a jumbled mess of information.  When the content is incredibly varied and spread out, the search engine doesn’t know how to properly index the page and will often index it wrong or not at all.  Give each page of your website a specific focus and deliver that content clearly.  Not only will you get brownie points with the search engines, but with your human visitors too!
  • Name things properly.  Whether it’s an image or a new page, try and give your files a descriptive name before you publish them to the web.  If you didn’t have a thumbnail preview, would you know what “DSC009741.jpg” was a picture of?  Neither will a search engine.  But if you renamed the file “blue-pez-dispenser.jpg”, you’ll be able to figure it out instantly!  These simple adjustments in naming conventions go a long way. One last thing to remember … the internet doesn’t always read spaces correctly, so try to replace spaces with dashes ( – ) or underscores ( _ ) and keep everything lowercase.

Claim Your Google Places Business Listing

Stop everything you are doing right now and head on over to  If you business is already listed in Google Places, then claim the listing.  If it is not, then create it!

Google Places is essentially an online version of the phone book or The Yellow Pages.  However it has one distinct advantage over the competition – it’s deeply integrated into Google search results.  What’s that mean to you?

People will see your listing just by searching for your type of business!

Once your listing is claimed, you have the ability to:

  • Add your logo and custom photos to the listing
  • Update your phone number, address (perfect for Google Maps and Navigation), and your website URL (which you obviously had done by ;-) )
  • Add a short description of your business and include keywords that describe the company

This is a completely 100% free tool.  Why not take advantage of it?  The worst it can do it give you a few new visitors to your website.

Search Engine Marketing with Google AdWords

Once you’ve exhausted some of your free searchability options, the next step would be search engine marketing.  There are a slew of different ad networks available to you, including major players like Yahoo and Bing.  However, since Google is the biggest of all the other ad networks, why not dump your money into the place where the most people will see it?

Explaining the intricacies of how AdWords actually works is rather a cumbersome and difficult process.  It’s so detailed that Google actually issues courses and will certify you as an AdWords consultant!

Lucky for you, I’m a Certified Google AdWords Consultant.  If you have some questions about AdWords, I’d be happy to point you in the right direction.  Additionally, I can provide you with a Free $100 AdWords Credit for first-time users.

$100 in free advertising might not go a long way, but it’ll at least give you a chance to try the product out!

Contact me for more details and a coupon code!