Operate More Efficiently

Everybody knows the old adage, “Time is Money.”  It was taught to us from a very young age and in damn-near every business class you’ve ever had to take.  And yet despite knowing that, many businesses still have processes that take incredible amounts of valuable time to execute.

In the age of voice-activated and touch screen technology, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that there are many ways in which the proper system can completely and nearly entirely automate many of your monotonous tasks.

On this page, I’m going to try and hit on some of the more common solutions I’ve implemented.  However if you have something a bit more unique that you’d like to know if we can help with, we’d love to hear about it.

No Human Resources Department? No Problem.

One of the most difficult things for a growing small business to handle is their employees.  Just the amount of paperwork that needs to be retained for a single employee is enough to make your head spin.  And while you may never be able to escape having to fill out the paperwork initially, there is a better way to manage it!

At S-FX.com, we use an open source Human Resources Manager (HRM).  The phrase “open source” means that the core script is free (saving you money) and allows us to make endless changes to adapt it to your specific needs.  The HRM has literally replaced the need for a dedicated HR person/secretary for some of my clients.

Here’s how it can help:

  • Create a searchable database of all your past and present employees.  Most companies try to stuff all this documentation into filing cabinets, which creates clutter and inevitably a ton of headaches.  So why not ditch the filing cabinets, clear up some room in your office, and load up everyone’s information into a secure server?  That way, when you need to pull up the record for an employee who worked for you 5 years ago, you’ll be able to grab it in less than a minute.
  • Attach relevant documentation to a record.  Whether it be positive reviews or misconduct write-ups, you’ll have the ability to upload unlimited documents and attach them to a specific record.  When you pull up an employee’s name, you’ll instantly get to see every document you have on that person.
  • Manage a running payroll and scheduling.  Even if you use an outside payroll company to distribute your checks, it’s always a smart idea to maintain your own records.  With the HRM, you can log in the hours of each of your employees each week.  You can also log any vacation day requests.  This information doesn’t just disappear at the end of the year – it remains attached to your employee’s profile permanently!

Eliminate Product Loss with Inventory Management

I once visited a client’s office for a consultation and reviewed their inventory tracking system.  To my surprise, all they were using was a couple of excel spreadsheets and their memory.  Needless to say, products and parts were easily lost.

We offer two entirely different Inventory Management Systems (IMS).  One of which is geared towards a “parts” inventory for warehouses and manufacturers to track their spare parts and what how they’re being used and the other is geared towards retail clients who are tracking sales and ordering.  Regardless of the use, these two systems work the same – they help you cut your losses and eliminate tedious manual management of inventory.

To get an idea of what an IMS can do for you:

  • Automatic stock management.  Whether a product sells in your store or a part is withdrawn from your warehouse, the IMS will automatically deduct it from your existing inventory.  When that inventory hits a pre-defined “low stock amount,” a manager will be notified to restock the item.  Depending on the retailer, automatic reordering can also be set up.
  • Sales report generation.  Since your inventory is being tracked in real-time, you will have the availability to run reports on overall sales for a given time period.  You can also break down the reports to depict specific types of products, manufacturers, etc.  These reports could be extremely critical in determining how much of a product you should stock.
  • Suggestive product sales.  While this dips more in to an e-commerce store, it still has some integration into a basic IMS.  Essentially, by tracking the data of purchases, the system can automatically make suggestions on what items a customer should purchase based on what they already have purchased or what they are about to purchase.  This subtle suggestion could help boost the cross-selling of related products.

Reservations Made Easy

If you own a restaurant, a hotel, a salon, or a doctor’s office, you know how tedious it can be trying to handle reservations throughout the day.  But with the abundance of smart phones and connected devices, why let your customers rely on calling for a reservation?

With a Reservation Management System (RMS), you can completely automate how your customers save their dates!  There are two sides to the system:  a customer-end and an office-end.  Let me explain how they both work:

  • Customer End Reservations work by creating a calendar on your websites where customers can pick and choose open dates and times.  Reservation blocks can be determined in any quantity and by the hour or by the day!  Once a customer finds a suitable block, they would sign in to your website (so that you have all of their legitimate information) and confirm their reservation.  This will automatically notify the staff.
  • Office End Reservations work nearly the exact same way excite that they would be managed through a “behind the scenes” portal.  The office staff would be encouraged to maintain all phone reservations in this portal and as soon as a block fills up, it will be made unavailable on the front end of the website instantly!

And now?  Let’s get started!

Well, here we are!  I hope you have a good general understanding on the types of services we can offer to improve your operating efficiency.  There are endless other custom solutions we can implement specifically for your business!

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have, get us to give you a free consultation, or just call to say hello!