A website should engage your current and potential customers the moment it loads, and for the entire time they stay on it. How can you tell if your website is boring? Look out for these five signs, and then start working with your web designer to fix them.

It takes forever to load.

If an internet user has to wait longer than 2 seconds for your page to load, they’re going to give up and click away. You’ve probably done the same thing. Web users nowadays expect things quickly, almost immediately. Nothing is more boring than waiting. If your site is too slow, talk to your web developer about optimizing your site.


It isn’t answering any questions.

Your website content is just as important as how it looks. If your website isn’t providing any information or entertainment for your visitors, then they have no reason to be on your site. Make sure your content is, above all, answering their questions. What does your business do? Why do you do it? What hours are you open? What are your social media channels? How can they reach you? What are your products? How can they buy them? If your site doesn’t answer these, write some new copy and do a website redesign.


It’s an old design.

Users can tell when a website is old. Websites from a decade ago have a very different outdated look to them, and users are all about the new. They will judge your business based on it, and they will definitely get bored of being on it. Refresh your website design with a designer who’s up on the latest trends and can give your site a new, modern feel.


The colors are off.

Minimalism and simple design are in, but that doesn’t mean that every website should be black and white. The wrong colors will make your website less interesting to a visitor. If the call to actions don’t pop, they won’t do anything on your site. If your brand colors aren’t used, they may even forget it’s your site. Color is powerful, so don’t be afraid to use it to your advantage.


There are no images or video.

A plain site can be very boring. The right images and/or video can change that. (And they count as good content.) They can inform or entertain as much as copy can, and they are excellent for converting visitors into customers as well. Although they aren’t 100% necessary, if your site has zero of either, consider putting more multimedia on your page. Just get an expert designer’s opinion to make sure you’re using the right kind and amount of them in the right places.


Making a website more engaging can be a simple task, and you’ll be amazed at what fast loading times, good copy, the right colors, and a fresh feel can do for your site -- and for your sales and conversions.