The holidays are officially in full swing, and it’s a big time for businesses and their marketing efforts. Small businesses can especially benefit from the holiday season, but this requires some extra marketing efforts to be heard over all the noise. Try these five methods to ramp up your marketing strategies for the holiday season.

Encourage people to shop small.

Small Business Saturday may be over, but you can continue to encourage your customers to shop small. Promote your services or products as thoughtful gifts for friends and family as an alternative to those less personal gifts. Encourage customers to come into your store, if you have one, for some fun and easy holiday shopping instead of going online. Remind them why it’s important to support small businesses, especially in the holiday season.

Remake your social media marketing ads.

If you’re already running Facebook Ads (and if you’re not, you may want to consider it), try refreshing your current ads with some holiday themes. You can make the images holiday-related, offer a special holiday deal, rebrand an old deal as a holiday deal, and change the wording of your posts to target holiday shoppers. It’s pretty simple, and costs nothing -- you’re just changing what you already have.

Offer special holiday discounts and packages.

Speaking of offering a holiday deal, you should have these before you offer them of course. Put together some special holiday discount or package to encourage clients to shop with you. As mentioned above, it doesn’t even have to be a new discount. If you already have discounts or bundles, you can rebrand them in holiday colors and names and use those.

Rebrand your business for the holidays.

A discount is not the only thing you can rebrand. Your entire brand could have a holiday makeover. This doesn’t have to be an expensive rebranding -- adding some holiday images to your social media banners and including your logo will make a difference. If you’re putting out any marketing at this time (ads, stands, banners), it can also be holiday-themed, and probably should be.


Be inclusive.

The holidays don’t just mean Christmas. Regardless of your personal celebrations, consider all the holidays happening in these months and be inclusive of everyone. This doesn’t mean you have to specifically each and every holiday. You can have more generic messaging and imagery wishing everyone happy holidays, or if you know your client base specifically celebrates a holiday, you can include this holiday in a bigger way than other businesses may be.


Take advantage of these easy and low-cost methods and bring in more followers, customers, and sales this month.