What smartphone apps for small business owners do you use?

One of the blessings (and curses) of the 21st century is technology, and its ability to allow business owners to work from anywhere: the beach, a plane, the kitchen, or overseas. Small business owners more than any other know that being able to work from anywhere can be a powerful asset.

To do this, you need the right tools not just on your laptop, but on the most mobile device of all: your smartphone. Here are six apps (or types of apps) that small business owners should download now.

7 smartphone apps for small business owners On The Go

Microsoft Office

No need to take up all your storage space with all of Office’s apps. The newly condensed Office app lets you open Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and more. It just came out and it includes some nifty new features, too.

Google Drive / OneDrive / Dropbox

Pick your favorite file sharing platform and add it to your mobile devices so you can have full access to your files while on the go. And if you haven’t started using an online file sharing platform, what are you waiting for? All your files should be saved online, and life will be even easier when you can access them from your phone.

Quickbooks Mobile

This app requires a subscription, but if you already have it or find it worthwhile, having Quickbooks on your phone can be a huge benefit. Quickbooks Mobile lets you manage your books, take payments, scan receipts, and bill clients on the spot.

PayPal / Square / Stripe

If you’re in retail or commerce, one of these apps is essential for your business. Use it for mobile or on-the-go payments, especially if your business is as mobile as you are (e.g. you set up shop at a fair or farmer’s market).

Asana / Trello

Asana and Trello are just some of your options for project management. If you already use one of these (and you should), having it on your phone will make it easy to keep up with your team’s progress and make comments on the go. Make project management painless by organizing all of your outstanding projects in one single place. Engage with your team, upload files, and track time spent on any given issue.

Skype / Teams / Slack

Stay connected with your customers, clients, or team members through call and chat apps. These allow you to make important business decisions without getting roaming charges from texts. Skype call numbers allow you to take “office” calls from anywhere, without giving away your personal cell phone number. You can also form group chats or channels on the apps to have conversations with each department or team separately.

RescueTime / MyMinutes

For any business, time is money. Are you using yours efficiently? An app can help with that, too. Track your activity on your mobile devices automatically so you can see where you're spending your time (helpful if you're spending hours a day reading blogs over at S-FX.com, instead of doing work). Tracking and analyzing this data will help you optimize your day for maximum efficiency.


These smartphone apps for small business owners will change your work life. If you have another piece of software or tool you use regularly on desktop or web browser, there’s a good chance it’s an app, also.

Download our list and yours to run your business wherever you are, even outside the office.


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