Confused about the low number of people who are coming to your site, and staying there? You’re probably not doing one or all of these seven things that drive traffic to your site.

You don’t blog.

Blogs are an excellent way to build original, authoritative content for your website, especially if you don’t have the resources or skills to create webinars, videos, or infographics. Blogs drive traffic to your site by offering valuable information to your potential clients. If your website doesn’t have any content to offer, why would anybody visit? If you commit to blogging consistently and promote your blog posts, you will start to see how your traffic increases.

You’re not on Google My Business.

A Google My Business listing adds your business information to Google Maps, Search, and other Google properties. It’s a great way to get eyes on your site through a verified and trustworthy source. Have you claimed your listing on Google My Business? Maybe that’s why people aren’t reaching your site when they search for you.

You’re not posting on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is an excellent platform to post when it comes to social media, because it isn’t just a social platform--it’s designed for professionals. Posting your original content (see #1) on LinkedIn, where your followers are in the business mindset and want to learn, is going to drive traffic to your site. It’s so easy to do, and it’ll bring you many new and engaged visitors.

Your site is not responsive.

More and more people are using smartphones to search instead of computers. If your site was never designed with mobile in mind, it probably isn’t very fun to visit it on your phone. Double check how your site looks and works on your phone, ask others, and if it isn’t great, definitely make getting a responsive site the next thing on your to do list.

Your site is slow.

If your site doesn’t load in less than two seconds, most people will just give up and click away. Sure, it sounds harsh, but there’s a large possibility that you’ve done the same thing. All of us on the internet have gotten used to getting things quickly, almost immediately, and studies confirm that visitors won’t wait for slow loading content. If you want to drive traffic to your site, optimize your site for faster loading times.

Your content is expired.

Unfortunately, information changes at a rapid-fire pace these days. Although you do want content on your site, you don’t need old and outdated content. Hubspot recently deleted 3,000 pages of old content from their blog, and it did wonders for their SEO. If your site is very old, you can not just prune your content, but prune your entire site and do a redesign to organize your information better. Better content, organized more invitingly, will make potential customers more willing to visit (and stay on) your site.

You’re not optimizing for SEO.

Maybe the sound of “SEO” scares you, because you don’t have much knowledge of what it means and you’re nervous to dive in, but you keep hearing about how important it is to drive traffic to your site. Maybe you’ve never heard of search engine optimization at all. If you haven’t explored SEO for your site, whether doing it yourself or getting someone else to do it, that may be why your site is getting low traffic. Do your business a favor and get to it.


Getting more site visitors doesn't have to be hard. Make these seven things a priority and see how the number of visitors to your site increases--and from there, how your business grows. Small Business Solutions is a boutique web design and technology consulting agency geared towards start-up businesses, small businesses and non-profit businesses.  We specialize in implementing low cost technology solutions to maximize efficiency and reduce business operating costs.