You know that hosting a highly functional website ensures that your customers have a place to browse, consider, and order your products or services – but what about the navigation and user journey they’ll undertake on your site? According to the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA), 77% of agencies consider poor website user experience (UX) to be a pain point for their online customers.

That means online businesses face a lot of pressure to install a user-friendly design and get it right, or else risk pushing potential customers away. Thankfully, there’s no reason any startup or small business needs to take on this challenge alone.

At Small Business Solutions, LLC, we specialize in web design and other digital service consultation for smaller firms and nonprofits. We pride ourselves in our ability to be flexible in accommodating a multitude of requests for our clients. We offer an array of technology consulting solutions – from website design to SEO, marketing, branding, and process re-engineering.

Our customers have been pleased with the attention and care we’ve given to their website needs, which is why they’ve left us such positive feedback on Clutch, a verified B2B ratings and reviews platform. We’ve received an average rating of 4.8 stars! According to Clutch rankings, we’re one of the top web designers in New Jersey.

We recently redesigned a website and performed SEO for Miniature Folding Inc., a packaging company. We also built a resource management system to assist their internal communication needs.

Miniature Folding

Our work helped Miniature Folding, Inc. to increase its production and sales numbers. They were pleased with our work, and they offered a special commendation for our ability to tailor our offerings to the needs of their small business.

“S-FX knows exactly what a small business owner might be looking for and tailors their offerings to my needs. You can buy big box management programs right off the shelf, but these typically include features that, frankly, aren’t necessary for our small business model. I appreciate the fact that Shane understands our specific needs and delivers products that are scalable and easy to use.” – Joseph Taliercio, Director of Facilities & HR, Miniature Folding Inc.

We also did design, integrations, and WordPress site integrations for CMT Association, a nonprofit.

CMT Association

We met all the expectations this client laid out for their web partnership. They were pleased with the quality of our work and our creativity. Our clients give us the opportunity to learn about entirely new industries, and share in the joys of their success!

Interested customers should review our ranking on The Manifest, which highlights our work. According to The Manifest, we’re one of the top 100 design agencies in the world! Our projects are also showcased on Visual Objects, a graphical company resource.

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