There’s more to a quality website than the basics of your business. A quality website can help you build your business and attract more customers, especially when you are fully virtual. Here are a few ways to enhance your website with engaging and interactive elements.

Offer Online Ordering

More than ever, customers are looking for ways to order online, especially food. If you have a restaurant, bar, cafe, or similar, you should offer online ordering on your site.

Implementing an online order form is a great way to draw customers into a sale directly on your website. And even if you don’t want to go that complex, simply putting your menu online and telling customers on the site that you take online orders by phone or text can bring in huge amounts of business.

Tip: Make sure this message is very easy to find, maybe as a banner, or above the fold on the homepage. Also, make sure your menu is easy to find from the homepage. The longer it takes a customer to find information, the quicker you lose them, so a quality website makes information accessible.

E-commerce & Shopping Carts

For stores that aren’t restaurants, shopping is shifting to online, so e-commerce is a must. Your website developer can create an online shop, shopping cart, and checkout for you so customers can order from you online. Even posting a partial inventory online can bring in more sales. Also, it’s a great way to keep track of your inventory.

Tip: Use high-quality photos and reviews to spice up your e-commerce site and make it more attractive to shoppers.

Lead Generation

Every quality website should make use of contact forms. Contact forms help you gather leads who are interested enough to give you their information. It’s also an excellent way of gathering emails for e-marketing. Contact forms can generate a list of emails for you to contact through an email marketing campaign.

Tip: You don’t have to limit yourself to a Contact Us page. You can place contact forms strategically throughout your site to target customers when they’re most interested, without making them click on a new page.

Fresh Content

Updating your website is a key way to draw in new customers and build a customer base. A stale website gets boring quickly, so add new pictures, update your inventory, post new blogs, and post the weekly specials or recent offers. This shows your customers that you have a quality website that is active and engaging, and encourages them to visit often for new information.

Tip: Blog posts help your quality website's SEO; meanwhile, new offers/specials and blog posts are perfect content to cross-post on your social media.

Offer a Freebie

If your business offers services or consulting, giving a potential customer free tools, like a free template or a short e-book, builds trust and good will in them towards your business. Also, they get to see how much you actually know, and can have proven results that you are a valuable resource they want to pay more for.

Tip: Put your freebie behind a contact form -- i.e. make them give you their name and email to download the freebie. This is another way to build that email list and send them a follow-up email.


Try out some (or all) of these methods and put your quality website to work for your business. You’ll see improved engagement, leads, and sales, and your business will grow thanks to your efforts.

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