Can free email marketing tools help your business grow?

Though it might feel like email is becoming a thing of the past, with more people opting for text and calls to communicate and social media to advertise, email marketing is still incredibly effective. Email marketing has the highest return on investment ($42 for every $1), and 49% of people like getting emails from their favorite brands. When emails are good, they are very effective.

Take advantage of email to market your business. Create an email marketing plan and get to work with these free email marketing tools.


Mailchimp describes itself specifically as a tool for small businesses. Although they offer a lot of tools for SMBs, their free email marketing tools are particularly renowned. They offer the perfect blend of look and features, helping you create attractive emails while giving you the automation and analytics to get the results and data you need. You can set up email automations so your marketing campaign runs smoothly.

You can also check out their guide to email marketing to make your emails even better.

Zoho Campaigns

If you already use other platforms within the Zoho family, Zoho Campaigns is a great option, because you can integrate it into those platforms and use them together for your marketing campaign. ZTest different versions of an email to see which one is working better, split your audience into categories to better target your emails, and more.

Zoho also has free resources on email marketing to help make your campaigns great and avoid mistakes.


GetResponse offers similar tools to Mailchimp and Zoho, while also allowing you to send other types of emails. They have options to send newsletters and digests along with your marketing emails, so you can keep customers engaged even when you’re not selling to them. GetResponse also has thousands of images from Shutterstock that you can use, which is great if you don’t have the time to take a beautiful photo for your email.


Moosend’s platform offers an easy and simple way to send emails. They have ultra-personalization options, including the likes and interests of your customers, so you can target them with the right products and offers when you reach out to them. They even use weather to customize your emails.

If you’ll need reports of your marketing campaign, Moosend has options to export, download, and share these so you don’t have to be on the platform to see your results. This is excellent if you want to present the fruits of your labor to others in your business.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is the free email marketing tool that likes to put more power into your hands. Unlike other platforms who show off their drag-and-drop feature, Benchmark Email emphasizes that it has an option for html, too, making it a great option if someone on your marketing team prefers to code your emails. It also lets you edit images inside the platform. You can also go beyond test emails and see how your emails will look in different inboxes.

Check out their resources for more on email marketing best practices that you can apply to your campaigns.


With one of these free email marketing tools, your business can gain new customers and engage current ones easily. Start an email campaign using these free resources and watch your business grow in ways you never expected. Small Business Solutions is a boutique web design and technology consulting agency geared towards start-up businesses, small businesses and non-profit businesses.  We specialize in implementing low cost technology solutions to maximize efficiency and reduce business operating costs.