Google is potentially changing the future of higher education and careers with its new Google Career Certificates. Job seekers will now be able to find employment and perform in-demand jobs by completing six-month courses instead of getting a traditional university degree. This is a great opportunity to land high-paying jobs without attending university, but most importantly, it is a game-changer.

Jumpstart Your Career

College degrees are simply out of reach for many people, which means that economic security is also out of reach for many people. On top of that, throughout the years, higher education has received a lot of criticism about how universities don’t properly equip students with real-world skills. 

According to Kent Walker, Google’s Chief Legal Officer and Senior Vice President for Global Affairs, in their own hiring, Google Career Certificates will be treated as the equivalent of a four-year degree for related roles. This means that after learning foundational skills and getting certified you could land a high paying job with a high growth opportunity in Google, or get their support in the job search.

According to the company, participants can opt in to sharing their information with top employers like Walmart, Intel, and Hulu. Just like Google's IT Certification program has helped thousands of people find new jobs and increase their earnings, these new courses are definitely a big opportunity to anyone who wants to work in the Data Analyst, UX Designer, and Project Manager fields, or simply enhance their skills.

Will google career certificates Disrupt College Degrees?

Most certainly, yes. 

Courses and training programs have existed for years, and have slowly increased in popularity and relevance. However, being such a big company and with so many participating partners, Google’s alternative promises to really change the game. Not only you can learn an in-demand skill, but you will also get help to get hired.

This is definitely a turning point. If more companies start implementing this, it’ll mean that college degrees could lose value. Just imagine this: If a 6-month course for a specific skill can land you a high paying in-demand job, for the fraction of the cost, why would people want to chase a college degree?

Now that Google has made the jump, other big companies such as Microsoft will be forced to enter education in bigger and new ways. 

What The Future Holds

It’s impossible to know what the future of education looks like after Google Career Certificates. Maybe universities will be forced to change, and improve in a way that is more convenient for the people. Maybe companies will start creating their own certification programs as a way of preparing hirees to perform specific tasks or to undertake specific roles in the company, or they might partner with universities and institutes as a way of creating more jobs. 

Either way, this means that you will see some great new opportunities arise in the following years. Whether you want to advance in your career or start a new one, this is the perfect time. And if this pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that time and skills are required to move forward in today’s world.

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