Last week here on #TechTuesdays, we provided “5 Tips for Finding Your Social Media Tone.” We talked about considering your community, being personable without getting too personal, the importance of authenticity, and more.

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork for the tone your social media writing should take, we want to round off our little social media mini-series we’ve had the past couple weeks with a look now at the three different kinds of social media posts you can apply your new writing style to that will potentially drive the most brand awareness and active engagement, whether you're on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, or elsewhere. Let’s get started.

Promotional Social Media Posts

We all love talking about ourselves, right? Promotional social media posts give us the opportunity to do just that. These kinds of posts are meant to completely, totally and unapologetically let your page visitors know just how great your small business’s products and services are (within reason). Every promotional post should look to highlight one of your products or provide contact information for how prospective customers can learn more about what you do.

However, as nice as it is to make partisan posts about your small business, keep it reasonable. Depending on your target audience, throwing some superlatives around can be a-okay, but make sure not to be too gimmicky or forward. Also, take full advantage of linking back to your own website or specific blog posts when possible.

Examples of promotional social media posts:

  • Displaying a specific product or service
  • Promoting a company blog post
  • Announcing a business event
  • Sharing a positive customer testimonial

Promotional social media posts are your chance to let the world know the great work your small business is doing!

Informational Social Media Posts

Promotional social media posts are great and all, but we can’t always talk about ourselves (because, you know, that’s rather obnoxious). What a drag, huh? Fortunately, we have informational social media posts to help us spice things up a bit and space out our promotional posts so folks don’t get tired of reading our updates.

Informational social media posts play a tremendous role because while they don’t focus directly on your specific small business in any way, they create post diversity while still educating potential customers about the field you’re in.

Informational social media posts reflect on news within your industry. You’ll be taking on a *temporarily* more educational tone while linking to industry news articles, videos, and any other interesting content that reflects or touches upon the services you provide and the values your company operates on. Naturally, you won’t want to link to any direct competitors, and also, try to keep links fresh. Do your best not to link to anything that was time-stamped longer than one or two months ago.

Examples of informational social media posts:

  • Research provided by professional associations
  • Industry-based announcements
  • Helpful resources

Informational posts are fantastic for widening your audience’s awareness of what you do without blathering on about yourself!

Engaging Social Media Posts

As for our last main social media post type… what is it that we hope to always be in our customer interactions? Engaging! Engaging social media posts are simply posts that forgo any semblance of direct promotions and industry-related musings, and instead focus on being entertaining in an effort to specifically drive engagement, which in this case are direct user interactions that include likes, shares, retweets, et cetera.

Engaging social media posts break up the monotony of promotional and informational posts in an effort to remind your audience that, yeah, your small business knows how to have a good time. Remember, just how fun people are like-able people, fun businesses are like-able businesses. And like-able businesses make more customers (and money!), just the same as like-able people make more friends.

However, keep in mind that when making these posts, celebrity quotes and such can be useful, but try not to overuse them, as this can be easy to do. Also, remember never to share political quotes or political-based humor in general. Politics are always offensive to somebody. Finally, as we mentioned in our last post, let the funny image or meme or whatever-it-is-you-share take care of the humor for you. Don’t try to construct and crack jokes yourself, because more than likely, you aren’t a comedian. (If you were, you wouldn’t be reading this.)

Examples of engaging social media posts:

  • Humorous or fascinating articles
  • Funny images/memes/videos
  • Interesting local events
  • Quotes
  • Call-to-action posts that directly pose a question or ask for an interaction (use sparingly)

Engaging social media posts are splendid for alerting customers that you know what’s up!


That’s been a nice little social media mini-series here on #TechTuesdays, hasn’t it? (Look at us, being all engaging right now.) But really, we hope we’ve been helpful to your business’s social media aspirations, even if just the tiniest bit.

And hey, there’s plenty more to talk about. Keep it with us next month as we dive into our next topic!