Backlinks, also called “inbound links” are created when another website links to yours. Needless to say, backlinks are very important for SEO in many different ways. Search engines use backlinks as a ranking signal because it is a way to show that your page or content is relevant to other people. Plus, a relevant site that links back to yours can get you more traffic regardless of your ranking.

A Good Backlinks IS HARD TO FIND

When someone links to your site, you gain a backlink. If you write an article and link back to a relevant article from another site, they have gained a backlink. So, it is a really simple concept. However, not every backlink you gain will be beneficial to you.

Backlinks vs High-quality Backlinks

Years ago, Google’s algorithm took backlinks really seriously. To the point that the more backlinks you had, the better your site would rank, regardless of their quality. 

Nowadays the algorithm works in a different way. This is because many websites were using what is known as “black hat techniques” to gain a bunch of useless backlinks from irrelevant websites (making them rank higher). 

Spam websites that link back to your site are no good. Not only the chances of getting traffic from those sources is very low, but there’s also a good chance that Google or other search engines will recognize your site as a spam site. That’s a major reason why you should take backlinking seriously.

Why Backlinks Are So Important

There are 2 main reasons why backlinks are important for your SEO:

  1. You rank higher in search results
  2. You get referral traffic

High-quality backlinks signal search engines that other people vouch for your content. To better illustrate how this works, imagine writing an article on your website, and you start getting mentioned by other people in your industry, and some well-known companies. This would indicate to Google and other search engines that your content is really good, thus, your article will probably rank higher.

Referral traffic is also a good reason why you should consider taking on that backlinking strategy more seriously. Websites get a great deal of their traffic through search engines, but there’s always a good percentage of traffic coming from other sources. Yelp, Yellow Pages, and other listing websites are good examples of this. These visitors wouldn’t have found your website otherwise. Having backlinks from other relevant websites related to your business will drive more people into your webpage, increasing your reach and the chances of closing a deal.

Backlinks and Website Authority

You’ve probably heard the term Website Authority before. Although this term is vaguely used sometimes, it is something you should take into account when building backlinks. Usually, websites with more authority will transfer some “strength” to websites with less authority, which is one of the reasons why you should not overlook the quality of your backlinks. An inbound link from Forbes Magazine will have more impact on your SEO than a small website that hardly gets any traffic.

Improving Your Organic Ranking With A Proper Backlinking Strategy

Backlinks provide websites and businesses with plenty of benefits. Whether by impacting your traffic and ranking directly or indirectly, the more high-quality backlinks you are able to get, the better. To achieve this and get the most out of it you should simply focus on providing people with relevant content and information. 

The more useful your website is for visitors and other people in your industry, the more chances of getting some good backlinks and increasing your ranking. And that’s why backlinks are so important for your SEO.