Image is everything.  Take a moment to reflect upon your favorite brands across any industry and what immediately comes to mind?  Their logo?  Their color scheme?  Or some sort of imagery that you associate with their business?

What you’re visualizing is the product of an effective branding and marketing campaign.  It’s done by design — conditioning customers to immediate recall your business whenever they see a certain shade of brown or a simple ‘swoosh’.

branding & marketing help to distinguish your business

There’s a distinct difference between branding & marketing – but the two generally work hand-in-hand to achieve the maximize desired result.

At Small Business Solutions, we encourage all of our clients to put just as much emphasis into developing their brand as they do any other aspect of their business.  Your brand is your business’ voice — it’s the tone in which you speak to customers, the style in which you present yourself, and the way in which you carry yourself.

Building a brand is more than just creating a custom logo.  It also includes:

  • Defining a distinct color palette that ties into all your assets (website, business cards, storefront, etc)
  • Defining a distinct voice for all your correspondence and the presentation of your copy (are you casual? professional? easy-going? foreign-centric)
  • Committing to a style in which to present your business (are you classy or comedic?  cartoony or modern?)

When customers see your brand, you want them to immediately think of you.

The ‘marketing’ leg comes within the execution of your brand.  Incorporating your brand into advertising campaigns or publications help to create awareness of who you are.  The verbiage in your ad copy should reflect the voice in which your business typically ‘speaks’.

NJ Branding & Marketing Agency - Web Design

NJ branding & marketing experts

Does all of this feel a little overwhelming? That’s why we’re here!

With several decades of combined experience, our talent small business consultants can help you identify and establish the brand for your business – and then put it into action with a solid marketing plan.

We leverage our group of gifted graphic designers to refine your logo and modernize your color palette, fonts, and all the graphic components in between – to designs that are relevant with today’s market.  We find the ‘voice’ of your business through conversating with you – the owner – and understanding how you connect with your customers.  Then we pass it all off to our mastermind marketing managers to put into play a powerful long-term campaign.

It’s Branding & Marketing made easy.

Business Development

Organize your thoughts, prioritize your focus, and accentuate your staff's strengths. Building a business requires a strong foundation and can sometimes be overlooked when you're caught up in the enthusiasm!

Web Design

Your web presence is the storefront of your business and sets the first impression for every customer. Skip the cookie-cutter templates and invest in capturing the essence of your business on the web.

Technology Consulting

Integrate technology into your every day routine to maximize your effiency, cut costs, and allow you to focus on truly important tasks to grow your business.

Branding & Marketing

Establish an identity for your business that echos your voice. With media experience across several industries, we implement low-maintenance marketing plans that put your brand at the forefront.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started…

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