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Webinars & Virtual Events

Webinar & Virtual Events

Embracing the Era of the Live Stream

In today’s day and age, and especially since COVID-19, webinars and virtual events are almost a necessity for any company.

It is important to understand what these events are, and why you must learn how to incorporate them into your business. Whether you are knowledgeable about webinars and virtual events, or whether you hardly know how to log on to your email, S-FX can help you with any webinars or virtual events that you will need.


Managed Webinar Consultanting

Value of a Webinar Event

“Webinar” is a clever little word that combines the words “web” and “seminar.” And that’s exactly what a webinar is: a seminar that is on the web or that uses software.

Webinars are a great way to connect with your audience and share your message with the world. They’re relaxed, informal, and a great way to convey your message in a convenient, accessible way.

Whether you use them for marketing promotions, educational content, or an interactive brainstorming session – webinars broaden the scope of value you deliver to your audience.


Virtual Conference Management

Hosting a Virtual Event

Virtual events – or virtual conferences – are a great way to save time and money. By hosting a virtual conference, you can eliminate the need for travel and save on meeting space.

Virtual conferences are also a great way to connect with colleagues and customers who may be spread out across the globe. Taking your events virtual eliminates the boundaries for a live, in-person attendance and often allows your company to scale its reach dramatically.

By going virtual, you also give yourself the ability to easily record each session for use in your own video archives library; making that content a constant revenue generator.


How to Host a Virtual Event or Webinar

Choosing the Right Platform

The success of your webinar or virtual event relies on the stability and usability of the platform you’re hosting it on.  And while everyone is privy to the populate names in the space, our webinar experts know how daunting the costs of those platforms can be.

We’ve put together a great list of tips for you to use to host a better virtual event.  We’ve also had the opportunity to work with a plethora of webinar platforms and can steer you towards the right system for your budget and your event type.

Don’t go at it alone! Let our team of webinar veterans help you with your next event.

Why Hire a Webinar Consultant?

If you’re looking to take your webinars to the next level, hiring a webinar manager is the way to go. Small Business Solutions can help you with everything from planning and organizing to promoting and executing your webinars. Having a professional on your team will help ensure that your webinars are a success.

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