5 Great Ideas to Start a Small Business Online, From Home

5 Great Ideas to Start a Small Business Online, From Home

We know, it’s a tough decision

There are a bunch of services you can offer online today to start your small business from home, that’s why we will help you define what suits best for you. First, you have to know your abilities and skills, so the launching of your business starts on the right foot. These are some of the best online business ideas:

1. App development:

You need to know about programming, software, and all related to smartphones because this is the key to doing the job successfully. There are hundreds of courses you can find online to improve your skills, but most importantly, you can always reach us at S-FX.com and check what we can do to help you. The thing is that smartphones and online tech in general are growing every day, so if you have the tools, why not give it a try? You just need some equipment (laptop, computer, excellent internet, knowledge about your development area in order to create appropriate apps -health, games, finance, etc.-, and some help to get started. The options are limitless).

2. Transcription:

Luckily for those who speak more than one language, there are many, many pages that are looking up for translators all over the globe. These are remote jobs (exactly, work from home), often remunerated by project or by hours, which can be a start, then you can dream big and have your own translation company, with people hired from every corner of the world. Again, this is a growing niche, because every day people want to deliver a message and reach every place in the world. Freelancing at first, your own boss later.

3. Online Teaching:

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the game drastically in the model of education. People are now more comfortable with online classes than with in-person. This could be a territory to explore for a new business if you have the certifications and know how to promote yourself. Again, we can give you advice at S-FX.com so your startup is as smooth as possible. As in any job we have to outstand because there might be a lot of people doing the same thing. Check our services and find what could make you grow in order to make your business grow with you!

4. Online Reselling:

This idea seems wild, but it isn’t at all. You can just create an attractive brand for an online store (check the Website Design section on our site) and manage your social media with the same aesthetic. You can find a lot of cheap products in second handed or thrift stores, give them a glow up (not mandatory) and then resell it on your website, as easy as it sounds! You invest a little, you gain much more, but have in mind: in this kind of business, aesthetics and design are everything.

5. Consulting:

There’s a lot of people out there with amazing skills and knowledge who don’t have the time to work at the typical 9 to 5 old fashioned company, whether they travel a lot, or raise a family, are out of the loop. The good thing about these days is that any knowledge you have, you can offer it as a consulting service and give professional advice to others, online, from home!

So, what then?

We are letting you know, in the first place, that there’s nothing impossible, but also not everything works out instantly. You have to be patient, work smart and be consistent. Work, as life, is full of ups and downs, you better set your goals, prioritize, ask for help and reach us out at S-FX.com, because we are here to help you grow. We want you to succeed and the best moment is now.

Bob Proctor -author, coach, known for the secrets he shared about becoming a millionaire- said once: “You must do what others won’t, commit and stay the course”

Get involved in your Small Business

Committing is staying tuned with your business, learning how to make it better every day, being consistent, answering doubts or questions, promoting your services, get as much training as you can in order to build some solid bases for your start up. Committing is also letting the fear out of the equation. You just have to do it, get involved and never stop. That’ll lead you to the success you’re looking for.

Once again, check our website, S-FX, and seek for some advice or anything you might find useful for you and your business. One step at the time, but not stopping! Just start doing it and trust the process.

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