5G Is Coming, and Here’s What You Need To Know

Keeping ourselves connected to the world has become habit for many. Being able to interact with someone from anywhere, at any time has brought many together. The ability to research a subject in seconds while you're on that morning commute is simply an invaluable resource. We have all of this thanks to the power of mobile technology, and mobile connectivity. That is all about to get better. Welcome back to #TechTuesday, where we are going to give you a breakdown of what we know about 5G, and why its so innovative.

Gotta Go Fast

With the leaps and bounds mobile technology has made over the last twenty years, and the stagnation that followed for a time, we have been due for something major. Not the next generic "iDevice" or a slimmer phone, but something majorly impacting to the world of mobile technology. in steps 5G networking. 5G is the next evolution of mobile connectivity, boasting much higher bandwidth, speeds, and far lower latency than the current benchmarks of 4G. While we do not have any official records of speeds, many representatives at Ericsson are promoting that things will be fast.

But what makes 5G so special? Its just another speed upgrade for you to browse your email and some cat pictures on your phone while you sit on your lunch break, right? Well, not quite.

One Step Forward, Then Another Step Forward

You see, 5G technology isn't just aimed to be utilized by mobile phones and tablets. While on the major consumer side, this will clearly be one of the major immediate values to the every day citizen, 5G technology is being implemented into far more aspects of our life. Remote medicine, self driving cars, the internet of things, traffic regulation, and so much more are all using the preliminary stages of this technology to become more readily available. Home routing technology is already being developed to allow much more efficient mesh networks, offering better and more stable wireless connectivity throughout a location. Mobile hotspots are being developed which would be able to be integrated into a menagerie of public locations, bringing total connectivity anywhere and everywhere you go, or taken with you as you travel to stay connected.

Largely, it is the next step in bringing together a connected society that our current systems simply were not initially designed to handle. With more power, we could see self driving cars as a normal technology. Remote surgery, a technology that has been in heavy research and development in the medical industry for quite some time, could see true fruition, as now we would have the technology to operate something like this so precisely. Remote mining, another technology that has been under research for a while now, could come to fruition in the same, saving lives and lowering costs across the board for rare metals. As connectivity gets better, technology gets better, and society improves proportionately all the same.

A Waiting Game

Though the hype is major, we do have a bit of time to go until 5G becomes a total part of our life. Security measures are still being developed and integrated into the network, though it is decidedly going to be one of the most secure technologies to date, outclassing its predecessors. Providers such as Verizon have intentions to hold preliminary trials in a variety of states, offering basic 5g capable phones to their customers. Companies like Samsung and Qualcomm are already developing devices such as phones and router technologies that will be able to take advantage of these speeds. But while development has begun, projected full scale deployment isn't quite on our horizon yet. At least not within the next year. Most sources say that we will be seeing our first glimpses of 5G networking as early as 2019, with the mobile market taking advantage and rolling out full force about a year later. While that projection is only a few years away, who knows what new developments will be made to make this technology even more groundbreaking?

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