Four Apps To Improve Your Small Business Efficiency

Here at we are always looking to improve ourselves. Whether its our choice in attire, our approach to a project, or our outlook on work, we are constantly seeking a way to better our abilities. Above all this though, we like to be efficient. Efficiency is the proprietor of a successful business. Whether its how fast you can turn around a project, how you communicate to your customers effectively, or how your team handles multiple tasks at once, everything plays a major part. Welcome back once again to #TechTuesday, where we have a few apps to go over with you this week that we think can help improve your efficiency.


Diving right into our subject this week, we are going to kick off this quick list with Hatchbuck. When it comes to your business, it's sink or swim. You have got to make every relationship count, and Hatchbuck promises to do just that. With its all-in-one sales and marketing software geared towards the self made entrepreneur. This app enables you to manage your contacts, automatically follow up with leads, and track deals through each stage of your progress. It brings to the table a lot of automation features, making it easy to communicate both with current and prospective customers so that you can squeeze out more sales, and prevent any important conversations from slipping through the seams. Providing core sales and marketing functions, and leaving out extraneous features that overcomplicate and overprice some more costly CRMs, Hatchbuck is aimed at getting right to the point of customer relations management. Coming in a variety of monthly subscriptions ranged from $59 for Freelancers, to $299 for Large teams, Hatchbuck stands to be very competitive for the value of its features.



When your company is just starting to grow, keeping track of finances becomes essential. FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software platform designed specifically for small businesses. Comparable to QuickBooks, this app is designed to remove a lot of the overwhelming and often unnecessary features of its larger competitor. When the team behind the app was designing it, they wanted to make it clear that you don't have to be an accountant to understand your finances, and they have done a fantastic job of it. With plans ranging from $15 to $50 a month, FreshBooks definitely places itself in a nice affordability range. All subscriptions come with unlimited customizable and trackable invoices, the ability to accept online credit card payments, multi-device support, categorized expenses, reminders for late payments and fees, tracked time for your clients, simple reports, and secure data backups. Spend less time on the books, and more time on the work you love.



Accounting isn't the only beast to tackle while your company is growing. Inevitably, your document count will begin to increase as you have to keep track of all your employee and client information, service contracts, handbooks, and so much more. PandaDoc is a document management platform that aims to digitize your standard operating procedures, making them more efficient in the process. Allowing you to merge contract templates with CRM data, automate internal approvals and signing, create e signatures and payment forms with online sales proposals, configurable price quotes, and eSignature forms that allow your clients to close deals faster, PandaDoc really does a great job at marketing a full suite of document management. The best part is, PandaDoc even integrates with many popular apps, such as SalesForce CRM, or the GSuite by Google. Offering a 14 day Free Trial for all users, PandaDoc has a variety of pricing schemes for Professional, Business, and even Enterprise level applications.


The Whether

Rounding out at number four on our list of recommendations comes The Whether. This application is the hub for the hiring world, acting as an inbound recruiting platform that helps attract, nurture, and hire millennial talent. Designed to allow not just companies, but university career advisors, the ability to look at the job seeking process, The Whether effectively boosts engagement with potential new hires that are still in school, or recent graduates that share the same values as your company, and have the strengths you're looking for. You get the benefit of a fresh, ready to work face, a greater look into the hiring process, and someone who you know will be excited to step into a position, and the students get the sound mind that comes with working with a company they know they can fit into. As Mark Twain said, the first step to getting ahead is getting started.


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