Google Hire: A New Platform For Hiring

Google is an absolute technology giant these days, having vastly expanded from just a search engine to instead cover almost every facet of technology and industry that we use today. It is seldom that you can suggest something that Google has not already put their hands into. For the longest time, job boards were free from this treatment, but that is going to be changing soon. Welcome back to #TechTuesday, where we want to educate you on everything we know about Google Hire.

Stand Aside, LinkedIn

Really, it stands as no surprise that the tech giant is finally dipping its hands into the job board avenues. As a major proprietor of seeing ideas flourish, and seeing people succeed, Google has long established roots into the market without making an actual foray into it beyond their attempts with Google Plus. But now that is going to change.

Google Hire is setup to be a powerful, minimalistic platform to be used not just by professionals looking to hire new minds, but also for those professionals that are hunting work themselves. While not a great deal has been leaked out about the potential of Google Hire just yet, we do know that the platform acts heavily as an application tracking system. It allows recruiters to post listings, and accept, track, or manage applications. Presumably, as its major competitors currently are LinkedIn, Indeed, and Greenhouse, we can expect to see other feature sets similar to them in which a user can support their own resume and applications for advertising to potential employers as well.

Being in the early stages of development, yet progressing quickly, Google Hire is only open to a select few companies right now, though it has generated some very positive feedback. Currently, only Poynt, SingleHop, DramaFever, Medisas, and CoreOS have access to the platform, as well as postings from Google themselves, with more being brought into the fold periodically as the platform expands and develops.

While Google has yet to announce formally the platform, or its invite-only beta, we imagine we will be hearing a great deal more in the coming months. With the website already live and actively being used, it shows a good amount of promise for the progress already made so far. With the business of recruiting being so lucrative, especially for small businesses whom are often more strict in vetting their employees, we think that Google Hire will end up being one of the best services out there, and that’s not just because of the Google tag on it!

Author: Nick Skwarek
Published: May 23, 2017
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