What You Need To Know About Google’s New G Suite

Around last fall, Google decided to revamp and rebrand their old Google Apps For Work suite into something more simple and streamlined. In steps "G Suite". Promising upgraded apps, new updates to the functionality, and an excellent support to your business daily tasks, G Suite is really setting the bar high. Welcome back to #TechTuesday, where we're going to give you a few things you need to know about this new model.

Smarter Than Ever

One of the major improvements that G Suite was planned around was how to make the average user's every day tasks just a bit easier. What was their solution? Robots. But not really robots. Artificial intelligence is close though! The integration of AI into the G Suite apps means that you can spend less time dealing with the software, and more time with your actual work. They've found some clever ways of implementation too. For example, the storage suite now takes cues based on your work habits, and the time allocated to your files, such as meetings, emails, and other activity. It then offers the files it thinks you might want immediately, rather than having to always sit there sifting through.

In addition, the calendar has a fantastic addition of multi user scheduling tools. Meetings, presentations, and outings have never been easier than with G Suite's AI, which will sort through multiple users' schedules to find a common opening. There are also integrations for presentation software that will suggest layouts based on content. It helps take a lot of the stressful details out of the picture so that you can focus on the parts that matter most. While these are just a few examples, the AI is designed to minimize frustration and maximize your outputs in many more ways.

Social, Secure, Supportive

We live in the digital age, where staying connected has become a critical part of running a business. From community outreach, community management, online reviews, web presence, search engine optimization, and even just to the free advertising that comes with it, social media has become an integral part of business. Google, as one of the major supports of social media, recognizes this aspect and has integrated it with their new G Suite products. Tying into websites such as WordPress, Google+, Facebook, and Youtube, as well as a variety of other popular platforms, it allows you to pull everything together, and keep your company's progress and presence where it needs to be: on the web. This kind of setup will prove invaluable to the marketing managers and community leaders.

In addition to integrations, G Suite now boasts improved security. You're on the web, and of course that means having to be safe. Most users of G-Mail will recognize the two step authentication process that was introduced years ago for their email accounts already. A couple extra minutes with the use of a code to login, but peace of mind knowing that you're the only one accessing your webmail. Google has taken this a step further, offering the option of configuring security keys, actual physical key-like dongles that plug into the computer and use either Bluetooth or NFC to verify a user's identity. A one time setup is all it takes, and then you're good to go from there! The best part is that its consistent over multiple devices, and can be time saving if you have to hop between workstations often.

Cost Determines Worth

Following the footsteps of many other companies these days, Google has moved G Suite to the growing popularity of the software subscription platform. The software is not free, but arguably it is well worth the costs. Everyday users can have their 15GB of Google Drive storage, but with G Suite accounts, you get more. You pay for exactly what you need, based on the number of users per month at your chosen tier. All accounts will come with personalized email addresses for your domain, and depending on your tier, you will have access to unlimited storage, shared files, voice and video conferences, security, support, and more. If you're not sure if the suite is for you, you can always try it free for 14 days before deciding on your purchase too.

via G Suite by Google Cloud

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