Technology Consulting

Technology can be overwhelming.

With new advancements in the industry every day, it can be hard for a business owner to stay on top of the latest trends and new innovations.  But being able to harness the latest technology and implement it into your business could literally save you thousands of dollars a year and dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend doing seemingly menial tasks. is more than just a web design and graphic design company.  We are small business specialists, working to implement low-cost solutions to help you operate your business more efficiently. Let us be concerned with combing through endless tech blogs and testing out new software, so you can keep your focus on building your brand.

Content Management Systems

A content management system (CMS) is an application that allows the publishing, editing, and modifying of digital content without the need for technical expertise.  While WordPress is our CMS of choice, S-FX has experience with a variety of other systems including Abila’s netForum, Higher Logic’s Connected Community, Joomla, and Drupal.

Implementing a CMS will allow you and your staff to make simple edits to your website, add new stories, and manage your customer contacts all online.  It’s the perfect tool to help rid yourself of an abundance of filing cabinets.

Custom Coded Applications

If your business has a unique process that you think could be automated or better executed with a custom application – share it with us through a free consultation!  In the past, we’ve helped our clients develop and implement their own Inventory Management Solutions, Human Resources Managers, and Manufacturing Job Schedulers.

The possibilities are endless, from an Online Reservation System to a custom WordPress plugin!

Developing a Brand Identity

A Brand Identity extends far beyond just a logo – it encompasses the colors, fonts, designs, and symbols that identify your brand in the mind of the consumer.  A properly developed brand could improve the confidence and validity of your business in your customer’s mind.