A company's logo is the first impression customers have of a brand, it's the external visual identity of any business. A logo communicates your company’s values, tells a story, and even helps people trust you.

Everyone makes judgments about logos, so it's important to create or re-design your business' logo based on these elements. Remember that if your logo does not convey the right message to a prospective customer, your company is at an immediate disadvantage. 

Relevant & Unique

Your logo doesn't have to be a literal representation of your business, but it should have some relevance to your particular industry and market's niche. It must stand out from the crowd and not be similar to your competitor’s design. 

When your logo is seen by others, they should only think about your business. Don't use generic or pre-designed logos, always choose the best and most unique idea that your designers have. 

Quality Typography

The typography of your logo will vary depending on what you are trying to communicate. You may be surprised by the number of options that exist, which is why professional guidance is always recommended.

Typography is a craft in itself and it’s the first voice of stating who you are. Let’s explore the most common logo's fonts:

  • Serif Fonts

They're a classic choice if you want your business to be perceived as traditional, professional, or reliable. E.g: Google. 

  • Script Fonts

These fonts are artsy, creative, and add a distinctive touch. E.g: Cadillac. 

  • Display Fonts

They're used to get attention and demonstrate personality. E.g: Disney. 

Additional Tips

  • No more than two fonts in a logo should be your rule.
  • Experiment with different weights, spacing, and height.
  • Always keep readability in mind.


Your logo must be adaptable because you’ll use it in infinite ways and multiple contexts. Ask yourself, will my logo work in black and white and in color? Will it scale or is it too complicated for details to be lost in small sizes?

Here are some examples of how you will utilize your company logo:

  • T-Shirts & Baseball Caps 
  • Pens, Keychains & Water Bottles
  • Horizontal & Vertical Banners
  • Black & White Backgrounds

The Right Color 

If you already have a primary color that identifies your company, you know where to start. Colors can create an emotional connection between you and your audience. They can influence your customer's state of mind. So, learn about the psychology of color choice. 

Overall, stay consistent with your brand and think about the different channels and backgrounds where your logo will appear. Certain combinations can affect readability and your customer’s experience. 

Create a Timeless Logo With S-FX Small Business Solutions

Your logo design will have a major impact on your business, so make sure to include all of these elements. If you're looking for professional guidance, S-FX Small Business Solutions is here to help. We create unique and innovative designs that will set you apart from the competition.