Without active representation on social media, your business is likely to have trouble staying in the competition. With customers and clients, both current and prospective, seeking social media sites, simply having a presence on these platforms isn't enough. You must also employ strategies to bolster your current techniques and to integrate new ones.

Update Content Regularly

Whether you're using Facebook or Twitter, stale content is sure to drive away otherwise interested parties. A lively presence means that visitors can get an updated look at what's going on with your business and feel a need to keep checking back. Imagine a small store that never added any products to its inventory or sought out better versions of current ones; this shop will likely not succeed. Your social media presence is similar. How often you should post depends upon the platform, the type of business and your overall goals. For example, constantly adding new jobs to your LinkedIn page might seem jarring and unreliable to viewers. On the other hand, a two-week absence on Facebook could signal that your business is struggling in some capacity. You also want to know your audience. If your target audience consists of people who work during regular business hours, scheduling your posts for the height of the business day isn't the best idea.

Interact with Visitors

You also want to show that you're invested in the people who check out your platforms. After all, they are taking the time to conduct research on your company and to interact with you. If you receive messages on Facebook about your business, make sure that you have a person or team who is dedicated to answering these messages. When followers comment on posts on Instagram or Twitter, comment back to them. While you may not have the ability to respond to every single comment, you should employ techniques to look for the most crucial. For example, if followers are asking questions and your business never answers them, you may find that these followers don't want to purchase products.

Integrate Content Marketing

Your presence on these social media platforms should be about more than posting witty status updates from time to time. Integrating the strategies of content marketing is also smart. For example, if you have a blog associated with your business, you can include snippets of it on your status updates. Then, you can list the link so that interested parties can read more. Bringing in photos and videos is also a useful way to employ content marketing. If your business sells products, such as ones for makeup application or cooking, you can create videos of people actually putting the products to use.

Match Branding Efforts

Chances are that your business has a website, and you have a particular design to that website. While you don't necessarily need to match every single element, a strong sense of cohesion should exist between your web design and your social media accounts. You want people to recognize your brand, and in order to achieve that goal, cohesion is key. Branding efforts of this nature can help to create a sense of trust in clients and customers. Also, imagine that your web design and your social media design are totally different from one another. Visitors might come to the social platform and wonder if it is even affiliated with your business at all.

Polish the Writing

Regardless of what social platform you choose to use, written content is likely to play a role. When search engine optimization, which is a set of strategies that you should study and use on your accounts, first came into the picture, stuffing keywords and phrases into content was common. The content would often lack total grammatical clarity and correctness in order to get these keywords and phrases in. Now, however, you should place a focus on writing content that is free of grammatical mistakes. What you may want to do is hire a professional writer and editor or a team of such experts to produce this content.


Your presence on these social platforms is of utmost importance. Therefore, take the time to review your current strategies and to integrate new approaches.  If you ever feel lost or struggling, our social media experts are always available to help you on your next project.