Use WordPress in 2022 because it is the best choice!

Use WordPress in 2022 because it is the best choice!

Not so long ago, creating a website from scratch was a true nightmare that required a highly specialized team of developers to handle the complexity of such idea. Nowadays, although there’s a certain amount of technical work involved, it’s an easier job: far cleaner, beautiful, with better results thanks to new amazing web design services like WordPress and the possibilities it brings to developers worldwide.

If you’re wondering what is this and why it’s still the best choice for building a new site from scratch in 2022, don’t worry: we have you covered.

What is WordPress?

It is an open-source content management system (CMS) that allows you to easily build sites and publish content online. WordPress was launched back in 2003 and has since grown to become the most popular website building platform in the world. The software is released under the GNU Public License, which means that anyone can install, use, and modify it for free.

Back in the day, this platform was mainly used to create blogs. Fast-forward to today, the software has improved a lot. You can create basically any type of page you want: from hobby or lifestyle blogs to professional portfolios, business sites, e-commerce stores, mobile applications, and membership sites. Today, this platform is used by 43.2% of all websites on the internet, and its usage has increased an average of 12% per year since 2011 (W3Techs, 2022).

What can you do with WordPress?

That’s way too easy. Try a harder one: “what can’t you do with it?Because trust us, this is way more useful than you think. With its simple formatting Gutenberg core editor, it allows you to attach a wide variety of file formats: from photos and text to videos and GIFs for personalization and a better experience for your customers.

Besides, it gives you thousands of different plugins to improve the performance of your site, like “All in One SEO”, which is a complete SEO plugin and toolkit for WordPress; or GravityForms, which lets you create advanced forms with its visual editor.

There are hundreds of managing tools to boost the security, design, and overall performance of your website.

WHAT’S NEW IN  2022?

WordPress 5.9 was released recently, on January 25 of this year along with some major and significant updates, bringing new features and improvements for both user and developer experience that will make it easier and faster than ever, including a whole new way to build websites.

Its predecessor, the 5.8, set the foundation for many of today’s newest version, like the full site editing option with its Gutenberg editor. Despite that, 5.9 version takes these features to the next level this year with many new functions, here are some of them:

  • Full site editing
  • Block Site Editor
  • Twenty Twenty-Two Default Theme
  • New Design Tools
  • Language Selector on the Login Page
  • New Features for Developers
  • UX Improvements

How to get WordPress 5.9

If you already have it installed on a previous version on your desk, make sure to create a backup of all the files, plugins, and databases you have to avoid any future malfunction or error.

Once you’ve done that, you’re all set to go for the update, which you can do mainly via the WordPress administrative dashboard by logging into your Dashboard, go to “dashboard” > “updates”, and you should find the 5.9 updates.

In case you don’t have it yet, you can get it on the WordPress Site, to start discovering this wonderful software. Don’t forget to read more about it on our blogs.

Get the best team for your web page

As you can see, working with WordPress is far easier than it used to be, but that doesn’t mean it’s a piece of cake for everyone. At Small Business Solutions, you will find an amazing team of  developers that will help you customize and enhance your webpage’s performance through this platform.

Reliable websites produce exceptional business results: that’s why our clients trust their projects to our team. Send us an email and let us know about your project!

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