Having a small business can be a daunting task, especially when we talk about having a successful small business; now, that can seem like a lot.

If you own a business, especially a Jersey Shore small business, then researching how to increase the success rate of your business should be a major concern of yours.

According to data pulled from multiple sources like the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20% of small businesses fail within their first year. That’s a very high percentage considering that most people tend to start up small businesses more often than not.

Is The Internet That Important To My Business?

YES, yes it is. The internet can have an explosive impact on your business.

Whether small or large scale, it can be quite surprising to find out that quite a lot of small-scale businesses do not own websites. Most people would prefer to search up a business online first before deciding whether to patronize the business or not; this should tell you that your website serves as the first meeting point between you and your potential customers. About 90% of online customers have said that they are unlikely to revisit a website (or the business itself) if their first experience on the website was bad.

Continue reading to find out just how essential a web design is to your jersey shore small business

How web design can improve the success rate of your Jersey shore small business

Having a website would improve your business by leaps and bounds.

Visualize this example with me:

“A random customer goes online to search for a shoe store; their browser brings up multiple online stores to choose from, and they eventually pick a random store. On getting to the site, the first couple of shoes they see immediately draws their attention. Now, they are hooked to the site, they spend time browsing through your catalog, selecting shoes they love, slowly, they begin falling in love with your store through your website. What’s more, they find the design and layout of your site intriguing and user friendly – now they are totally in love with your store and would definitely become a regular customer who is highly likely to patronize your business.”

If you had visualized that example with me, I’m sure you would have found just how delightful the customer must have felt and how much he/she would love searching up and buying from your store. Having a website provides your small business with so many advantages that should be leveraged. Imagine having a website that ranks so high in search engines that any random potential customer who searches up anything relating to your services gets to have your business as one of the top results provided, that, as I’m sure you know, would take your small business to new heights.

This alone might be needed for your business to grow from a small business to large business. Your website can also generate a ton of revenues you might have never thought about. Most people tend to have a narrow mindset when thinking of a website; one of the proven major reasons why businesses do not have websites is that they believe the cost of creating one would be too much for them.

Creating passive income from your website

Typically, you would want a website that generates some amount of cash for you steadily. Google AdSense is a smart solution to this problem. Having a site that displays ads would create a means for you to generate a passive income from your site; this might even generate enough income to maintain your site with leftovers for your business, and of course, this all depends on your customer base.
Designing your website for your business would require a bit of expertise and experience.

While building a website might not be too much of a tough task, building a website with designs, contents and an awesome layout that would pull in more potential customers for your business is a bit of a daunting task. There can be a lot to think about when designing a perfect website, some of which are; the content, the content layout, the designs, the headings, making your site as accessible as possible, and so on. Rather than deciding to create your own simple websites yourself, which can be done using site builders like WordPress, it is best to hire experienced web designers since the aim is to create a site tailored to your needs that would generate a greater customer base for your business.

Remember, there is never a disadvantage to having a website for your business, with an aim like “growing your business,” a functioning website can only serve as a huge advantage.