Web Designer & Developer: An Important difference.

Web Designer & Developer: An Important difference.

Nowadays, it’s common to use the terms web designer and web developer interchangeably. The truth is that these two jobs are different parts of the web building process that require different abilities. They’re both needed in order to build a website, but each one has its own specific functions.

Broadly, a web developer is the one who uses coding language to create the core of the website, creating the skeleton of the site. The designers take care of the aesthetic part of the website: the actual look.

Think of the designer as the one who designs the house. How will it look? What color will the walls be painted? Where will be the doors and windows located? Then think of the developer as the one who builds that house. Both parts complement each other. Even though there are people that can code and design a website, web developers and web designers should not be confused, and here’s why.

What is a web designer?

It is the one in charge of the whole aesthetic part of the website, handling not only with the looks of the it but with the way the users interact with it as well.

Their main goal is to keep the visitors hooked on the website by designing an attractive and user-friendly interface. They are also in charge of including all the branding elements on the website.

UX design

Also known as user experience designers, UX designers are in charge of creating the best experience for visitors by analyzing demographic data and user’s needs. They know how to create a website that users will love and how to structure it for the client’s convenience.

UI design

User interface designers focus mainly on the look and feel of the website. Their job is to create an enjoyable website by designing elements that are easy to interact with.

Visual design

If you merge UX and UI designers into one, the result is a visual designer. They are hired to create a website that is conveniently attractive and easy to use, always respecting the voice and feel of the brand.

What is a web developer? 

Once the designer has finished a mock-up of the website structure and look, it is the developer’s job to make it real. They know all the codes that make a solid website. They manage all the implementation processes and they can be divided into two: Front-end and back-end developers. 


Also known as client-side development, front-end developers, who often collaborate with web designers, are in charge of creating all the visual elements of the website. They mostly work with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS codes.

Web Designers & Web Developers: Important difference.

Back-end developers are the ones who create all the elements of the website referring to the core structure. In other words, they are in charge of all the things that users can’t see, such as databases and servers. They tend to have strong coding skills and usually work with PHP, #C, SQL, and Java codes.

Web Designer & Web Developer: Important difference.

To sum everything up, designers design, developers code. You can also find full-stack developers, who are actually able to address do both things.

Whether starting your company’s website from scratch or revamping your existing site, you will need both a web developer and web designer in order to create the best interface and experience for your users.


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