Web designers do more than decide how your website will look like. Their job involves many artistic and technical concepts, as well as knowledge of the internet and search engines. Most importantly, their work can significantly affect your business’ success online.

What is Web Design?

Web design is not the same as web development. Web developers build sites from scratch by coding, but a designer determines how the site will look when it’s fully realized, and determines the aesthetics and layout of the site. They also perform many other tasks on the site to make it’s doing everything for your business that it can -- that’s why it’s not so simple to become a web designer.

Even if you decide not to build your site from scratch, you should hire a web designer to handle the actual design and launch of your site, as well as maintenance.

What Do Web Designers Do?

We design.

Web designers are versed in everything involved in the theory of design, and specifically designing for the internet and the different devices your site will appear on. They know how colors can affect a customer’s experience on your site. They understand the importance of fonts and can use them effectively, from how many fonts they use to what size they are. Design on a site goes beyond the aesthetics, and also involves how a visitor navigates your site through scrolling, menus, content, and buttons.

They also make sure your website has responsive design, meaning it appears correctly whether someone visits your site on a phone, a tablet, or a desktop computer. This is very important, since more and more people are doing their searching -- and shopping -- on smartphones and tablets nowadays.

We make sure your site is functional.

Beyond simply designing the look of your website, web designers make sure that your website works well and is ready for search engines.

What does this mean? The entire purpose of your site is for customers to find you through Google or another search engine. This is a topic we could explore at length, but basically web designers make sure your site is ready for Google to find and suggest to internet users.

Web designers optimize your site so that each page loads quickly, which has a huge effect on how long visitors stay on the site -- and decide to buy. They also perform other technical tasks that improve your site’s SEO (search engine optimization) so Google can lead internet users to your site. They also make sure to perform server maintenance so that your page is always working and functional.

These technical aspects are part of why web designers are crucial to your business and its site. Even if you can hop on a free website creation site and make a site with a template, there are technical aspects you won’t necessarily understand, and they will make or break your site’s success.

We customize and maintain your site.

Once your site is done, a web designer’s work isn’t over. Your business may need other features and customizations on the site, which the designer can implement correctly. They can also make simple improvements on the site’s code so that it functions better.

Additionally, web designers do constant maintenance to your site, because it will need it. They can fix bugs and security hacks that happen occasionally, as well as make sure to backup your site regularly so you’re always secured. And if you ever want to update or migrate your site, they can handle that as well.


Web Designers: Essential To Your Business’ Success

Though it may not always be obvious, web designers are essential to the success of your site -- and therefore, to the success of your business. With so much online traffic and so many customers and sales happening through websites, your business needs not just a website, but a beautiful, functional, and updated website to compete and thrive.



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