In our tech-driven world, it’s all about finding the right solution that will allow you to find better and more efficient ways to improve your customers' experience and the company’s performance. CRM is one of those solutions. Although it stands for Customer Relationship Management, over the years the definition has changed.

Nowadays, CRM refers to a data-driven system and integrated solutions that ameliorate the way we do business and interconnect with our customers. It enhances customer’s experience by allowing us to maintain relationships with them, tracking and identifying potential leads, saving sales data, improving productivity, and a lot more.

Benefits of using a CRM

Know your customers

By collecting your customers' information in just one place, a CRM system allows you to personalize communication with your contacts and therefore enhance your customers’ experience. Also, CRM stores all the information related to sales activity and contacts.

Customer segmentation

A CRM will analyze and organize data into different categories that will permit you to deal better with potential clients. For instance, you’ll be able to run targeted marketing campaigns to a specific group of clients.

Customer retention

A happy customer is a customer that will keep making business with you. CRM can help retain customers by reminding you what customers have not been contacted in a while or by keeping track of appointments and sales activities. It will greatly improve your customer service.

Anticipation of needs

By knowing all your customers’ buying habits and business history, CRM will help you to sell more and faster. Also, CRM email templates will permit you to respond faster and better to each of your customer’s inquiries.

Better analytical information and reports

Gain insights on your company’s performance by having reports that will permit you to know how your customers are doing and how they interact or do business with you.

Examples of popular CRM:

  1. Freshsales: Designed for businesses of all sizes, with an easy to use interface and a wide range of expansive features such as built-in phone and email or customizable sales reports.
  2. Keap: Great for small companies or startups, Keap will allow you to manage all your contacts and sales information better.
  3. Less annoying CRM: Even though it doesn’t offer all the features that competitors have, Less annoying CRM is designed to be a much simpler and easy to use solution. Another big plus is that it’s way less expensive compared to other CRM systems.
  4. HubSpot: HubSpot offers small businesses or startups an easy way to enter the CRM systems world. It has a free trial version that can allow you to run your business entirely and improve your customer interaction at no cost.
  5. Zoho: Modern, easy to use, and inexpensive, Zoho it’s a great option for any company looking to boost its performance.

Make your customers a priority

Whether you chose a low-cost solution or a more professional one, CRM systems will boost your performance and improve your customer’s experience in ways you can even imagine. Start today.

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