What is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

According to a recent Web Technology Survey, over 35% of the websites around the world are powered by WordPress, the most popular open-source platform to create websites with just a few clicks, without knowing anything about code.

WordPress was built on PHP and mySQL, which are structured query languages. It was developed by Mat Mullenweg and Mike Little, as a successor of b2/cafelog, a tool blog that was well-known in 2002.

Why WordPress?

Of all the CMS platforms, WordPress is the most versatile content management system because it allows you to create a variety of websites, such as:

  • Blogs: Ideal to share and publish thoughts, images, tutorials, advice, tips, recipes, etc.  
  • Business websites: The most usual way to build websites to take traditional businesses to the new era. 
  • Ecommerce websites: It’s so adaptable that allows transforming a common website into an online store. It actually has its own plugin for e-commerce to make the job easier. 
  • Portfolio websites: The favorite of designers and artists. 
  • Forums: Many websites include forums to answer their readers or client’s questions. WordPress allows users to add a forum by just installing a plugin. 

WordPress is highly scalable, meaning anyone from a small business owner to a huge company can use it for their business’ website. With the right support and resources, it can have a high processing power, quick loading times, and easy upgrades. It will grow with your business as it gains more and more visitors. It’s also open source and free to use.

Top Features 

WordPress’s popularity comes mainly from their easy-to-use interface that facilitates non-experts and beginners to create custom websites with creative and original themes. Here are some features that make WordPress the favorite website building platform: 

  • Flexibility: As we mentioned above, WordPress enables the creation of many types of websites.
  • Beginner-Friendly: It’s a super friendly platform, especially for beginners. Its interface is simple and clear. 
  • Highly Secure: WordPress updates ensure it’s a website platform secure against hackers.
  • SEO-Friendly: All WordPress’ websites are mobile-friendly, meaning it allows for responsive design. Also, all themes are written in great code so bots (like Google bots or Bing bots) can understand easily what the business is about. These features are excellent for your SEO.
  • Free Plugins: WordPress offers many plugins, from plugins to manage online stores and create forums to plugins that optimize images and solve other technical issues. They are users’ favorite feature because there are plugins that can be installed in order to insert code for technical purposes.
  • Highly customizable: Its many themes have unique designs and layouts to display content the best way possible. All layouts were designed to provide the best experience for users, which helps your SEO.
  • Built-in Blog: Since it’s is the biggest blog creation platform, it allows business websites to add a blog section, which can add to your content marketing.
  • Not Tied to a Developer: WordPress allows you to switch to another developer, following syntax. This means that even if one developer designed or is designing your site, you can easily switch to another one if necessary.

As you see WordPress has every reason to be the favorite for business owners, beginners, web developers, bloggers and ecommerce professionals alike.

Grow Your Business with WordPress

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