Every business should have a website. More specifically, it should have a website that works for them: one that’s visually appealing and user-friendly, puts out the right message and content for their customers, and turns visitors into leads.

If your website isn’t doing some or all of these things, chances are you should get a new website. But how do you decide if you need a completely new website, or if your website just needs a proverbial coat of paint and a maintenance check? Here are some signs you should get a new website--and signs you can just refresh the old one.busine

You Should Get a New Website If:

You’ve gone through a complete rebranding.

Don’t let your old image loiter on the internet. If your business has completely rebranded: new colors, new logo, new message, new slogan, new products, new product categories, etc.-- then your website may need the full treatment also. Often a rebrand means the entire outlook of your business has changed, and too much of the old site just won’t work. If you’re going to start over, then a new site may be just what you need.

The platform isn’t working for you.

If you find it hard or impossible to post, update, and maintain your current site, you should get a new website. If you can’t use your site easily, then it’s doing you no good, and it isn’t letting you communicate with customers and give them valuable content, deals, or updates.

Your digital strategy needs a makeover

Maybe it’s not your brand that has a new face, but your online strategy has changed. In this case, it’s possible that too many elements of your site need to be changed to give you the results and tools that you need. If your digital strategy can benefit from a new website, it may be the best thing you can do to reach your new goals.

You Just Need a Refresh IF:

The site works but the user experience could be better.

So maybe the platforms works, the site isn’t absolutely ugly, and your visitors stay on the site for a decent amount of time. That’s great! But it could offer an even better experience to your customers. Evaluate your site’s weak points and do a refresh if the user experience can be improved. This includes increased speed, better mobile-friendliness, properly placed Calls to Action, etc. Your web designer can probably offer some excellent insights here.

It has out-of-date information.

So you haven’t done an entire rebranding, but your information is just a little old. Maybe your site has an old iteration of a logo, an old phone number, or some past deals and events that could confuse customers. A simple refresh of all that information can make a huge difference to your website. And it’s not a bad idea to sharpen your content while you’re at it.


Whether you just need a refresh or a whole new site, your business’ site should always be at 100% to turn your visitors into paying customers. Evaluate your site now and keep an eye out for these signs to decide which way to go.